Welcome to Blind Brook Middle School!
We are a small, close-knit learning community that celebrates the potential of each of our 379 adolescent learners. Our highly qualified and caring faculty and staff provide individualized attention to inspire our students in grade six through eight to strive for academic and personal excellence. We embrace the awesome responsibility of serving the unique needs of middle level learners and welcome the challenge of providing meaningful experiences that address the social, emotional and intellectual growth of our children.

The educational experience at Blind Brook seeks to develop the whole child. Language Arts integrates critical reading skills, vocabulary development and refinement, and writing skills all within the context of rich literature. Our math program provides opportunities for students to build upon their intuitive and concrete foundation in math by active involvement in mathematics rooted in real life contexts and experiences. Since students develop abstract and symbolic reasoning at different points in their educational growth, the 7th and 8th grade math programs offer multiple paths for the mastery of both algebra and geometry. The majority of our students complete Regents Algebra 1 by the end of 8th grade. The hands-on, project based science curriculum engages students in the exploration of life, physical, earth, and environmental sciences. As 8th graders, students are afforded the opportunity to earn high school credit through completion of Regents Earth Science. Our social studies program prepares students for their future role as intelligent, informed, reflective, responsible, and active citizens in our democratic society. This goal includes preparing them to become independent, informed thinkers who are able to identify, understand, and then cooperatively solve the problems that face our increasingly diverse nation and interdependent world. Our students opt to study Spanish or Italian and complete level 1 by the end of 8th grade. Students earn national recognition through participation in the National Spanish Exam.

Blind Brook offers a wide range of fine, performing, and practical arts. All students study Music and Art, Family and Consumer Science, Computers and Educational Technology that emphasizes the relationship between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The majority of our students opt to perform in our grade level bands, and chorus. Motivated students pursue additional performance opportunities in our Jazz Band, and various ensembles that feature the flute, clarinet, and piano. Many of our students are honored with induction into "All State" and "All County" bands and choruses.

Fitness and wellness are emphasized in our health and physical education program and supplemented with interscholastic "modified" sports in soccer, football, cross country, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, volleyball, spring track, and tennis. Additional extra-curricula activities include the school newspaper, yearbook, Destination Imagination, forensics, student council, service club, drama club, an annual musical production, and digital media club. This past year a Destination Imagination team received national attention when they broke a Guinness World Record and earned $5000 for the local food bank in the process. Students are encouraged to advocate for their special interests and procedures are in place to help students establish new clubs and organizations. This year we hope to initiate a student-run school store!

The school structure includes interdisciplinary teams, each serving a grade level. Common planning time is afforded to teachers to facilitate the integrated learning program. Grade level learning adventures enhance the curriculum. The 6th grade students develop a greater appreciation for the environment and lasting interpersonal relationships are defined and strengthened as the result of two days spent at the outdoor sanctuary Sharpe Reservation. 7th grade students gain important insight into our nation’s history and the tumultuous period of the Civil War when they explore the battlefields of Gettysburg for three days each May. 8th grade teachers work closely to establish connections across disciplines to help students think critically about the systems that guide their existence: social, political, economic, eco, etc.

The Blind Brook community is blessed with a supportive Board of Education, an active and involved Parent Teacher School Association, and the guidance of the Shared Decision Making Committee. Together we strive to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of our adolescent learners in an environment framed by trust and respect.
We are delighted by your interest in our school and community. Please feel free to contact us for further information and follow our web page for up to date news and events.

Interim Principal - Todd Richard 
Phone- (914) 937-3600 ext 3208
Email- trichard@blindbrook.org
Interim Assistant Principal - Laura Neier
Phone- (914) 937-3600 ext 3126
Email- lneier@blindbrook.org
Secretary - Lori Paisley 
Phone- (914) 937-3600 ext 3119
Email- lpaisley@blindbrook.org