Blind Brook District Goals 2016-2017

Enhance Classroom Teaching & Learning
  • Implement new 3012-d APPR regulations
    • Provide training for all concerned relative to teacher and principal observations
    • Implement new APPR procedures for teachers and principals using updated rubrics
    • Submit APPR plans for teachers and principals to the NYSED for approval
  • Review current MS/HS scheduling models
    • Identify and plan to pilot a modified block schedule in 2017-2018 in collaboration witht he MS/HA Alternate Scheduling Committee
Administrative Organization
  • Monitor the impact of the administrative reorganization on meeting student needs
    • Safety and supervision
    • Student support services (clinical and counseling)
    • Curriculum, instruction and assessment
Student Wellness 
  • Support student social, emotional and intellectual well-being
    • Enhance ability to deal with individualized stress
    • Continue to work with the Community Coalition
    • Character education and anti-bullying
Capital Project & Referendum Planning
  • Complete the next phase of construction planning
    • Complete updated demographic study and report
    • Present scope of project options to community
    • Select the best option for both projects
    • Set date for a community bond referendum
    • Construct a revised timeline for construction projects
Strategic Planning Process
  • Commence with a long term strategic planning process
    • Prepare for the development of a strategic planning process to ensure the mission of the District is accomplished
    • Use climate survey data to help inform strategic planning focus

Fiscal Stewardship & Accountability

  • Demonstrate effective business operations and ensure fiscal stewardship
    • Prepare a fiscally responsible budget for 2017-2018 that maintains the instructional program and complies with state-mandated tax levy cap legislation