Finance, Facilities, & Transportation

  • The Blind Brook-Rye Union Free School District business office has responsibility for all non-instructional management operations. The Department's primary functions include:
    • the preparation and management of the District's annual budget,
    • financial accounting, auditing, and reporting services,
    • long-range demographic planning,
    • facilities management and capital construction,
    • employee payroll and benefits administration,
    • purchasing and bidding,
    • non-instructional personnel administration,
    • records management,
    • school health and safety,
    • pupil transportation and
    • school food service.


    While the District prides itself on its academic programs, commitment to advancing excellence and dedication to developing the "whole" child, it pledges to continue in its efforts to stabilize, control and even reduce costs. The following are a few of the initiatives the District’s business office has been working on in this area.

    • Reducing workers’ compensation costs by involvement in a self-insured consortium of school districts.
    • Reducing property/liability insurance costs by joining the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal.
    • Reducing out-of-district pupil transportation costs by sharing transportation services with neighboring school districts.
    • Reducing purchasing costs by cooperative purchasing with other school districts and by bidding to ensure the lowest price through price competition.
    • Investigate opportunities to have telephone and utility bills audited realizing savings for past, present and future usage.

    The business office serves the community, faculty and staff with enthusiasm and efficiency in mind. All questions, comments or concerns should be discussed with Mikaela Coni, the District’s Treasurer/Supervisor of Business Services, who can be reached at 937-3600 x3030 or