• Parents are encouraged to be active participants in the educational process through such activities as PTA committee membership and volunteer opportunities. They are also encouraged to meet as needed with their child’s teacher to facilitate the learning process. Visits for such purposes are encouraged and valued, but must be scheduled so as to not impede the educational process.

    Parents wishing to visit classes during the school day must receive prior authorization from the principal who will consult with the teacher before granting such authorization. Parents must understand that it is not possible during such a visit to converse at any length with the teacher. If a teacher conference is desired, it will be scheduled at a time when the teacher is not actively engaged in instruction.

    The routine presence of parents in classrooms and corridors is disruptive to the educational process. Accordingly, parents dropping off or picking up children at the beginning and end of the school day will do so only in areas designated by the school administration. Also, parents seeking to obtain homework assignments, drop off personal items such as lunch money, or schedule an appointment may do so only at the school office, not by stopping by classrooms.