This is to inform you of Blind Brook’s Community Service requirements and opportunities.

    Starting with the Class of 2003, 80 hours of community service is needed by graduation: 20 hours minimum for the ninth grade. Remaining hours can be done throughout 4 years. Failure to complete 20 hours in ninth grade will result in penalty notification on transcripts. The year ends on July 31st and the next grade level begins on August 1st. All 80 hours must be completed by June 15th of senior year.

    There are four categories of community service opportunities: the Community Service Club, the Blind Brook Soup Kitchen, in-house opportunities, and off campus opportunities.

    Community Service Club

    The club meets Mondays during Activity Period (2:17-2:40). The purpose of the Club is to plan and execute group community service activities, which involve a number of participants to make them successful. Come see Mrs. Romm for details.

    The Soup Kitchen

    The Soup Kitchen provides meals for the homeless on Thursday evenings with the help of several adult volunteers. Only a small number of students can help each week; therefore, it is mandatory to sign up in advance in the main office once a month. If you come to the Soup Kitchen and did not sign up in advance, you will be turned away. The Soup Kitchen operates only while school is in session.

    In-House Opportunities

    PTA functions, peer tutoring, and office assistant work comprise this category. Many students need extra help during free periods, activity period, or after school. Students may also be able to teach an After-school Activity at Ridge Street School. The web site and community service bulletin boards list the opportunities. Involvement in sports, school plays, band, chorus, or other extracurricular activities do not fulfill required community service hours.

    Off-Campus Opportunities

    There is an endless list of organizations that could benefit from young adult volunteers. There are several other soup kitchens in the area that operate on different evenings and weekends. Some students have participated in fixing houses for Habitat for Humanities and Americares. Opportunities are listed on our website, and posted on the bulletin board. We are also open to suggestions and ideas. 


    We are here to help you fulfill your requirements, participating in an activity you enjoy. If you need guidance finding an area that suits your interests, please feel free to talk to me. Any service not posted, or not on the official list, must be approved before beginning, or it will not be counted. 

    The community service programs, opportunities, requirements and information can be viewed online. We also post upcoming events around the school. Mrs. Romm and Mrs. Decker can be reached by e-mail at jrromm@blindbrook.org or cdecker@blindbrook.org, respectively.


    Jane Romm
    Charlene Decker

    Community Service Co-Facilitators