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  • Concussion Protocol:

    If a student has been sent out of a game or a practice by an official or coach who suspects that the student may have suffered a concussion the protocol is as follows:

    1.  The student may not return to practice or games until they have a note from their primary care physician stating that they have been examined and may return to competition.  This note must be taken to the school nurse so that a history can be maintained.  The nurse will provide a copy of the physicians return to participation letter for the coach and forward the note to the Chief Medical Officer.

    2.  The primary care physicians return to play clearance form must be sent to the school health office where it will be kept on file.  The clearance form will be sent to the Chief Medical officer for final clearance.

    3.  The Chief School Medical Officer must sign off on the clearance provided by the Primary Care Physician before a student is permitted to return to activity.

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