• Library Media Center
    General Information

    Hours of Operation
    7:30am-3:30pm school days Monday through Friday except when reserved for testing and other special events.

    Facility Use
    The Library Media Center provides a quiet place for research, reading, and small-group work. The following expectations are in place:

    • Students will work quietly and productively.
    • Students will respect the right of others to work undisturbed.
    • No food is permitted in the library.
    • Only water in tightly closable containers is permitted (no cups and no cans)
    • Cells phones may be used silently or with ear buds and phone calls must be taken outside the library.  

    Students who do not behave appropriately will not be permitted in the library except when accompanied by a teacher during class time.

    Circulation of Library Materials
    Fiction and non-fiction books can be checked-out for a three-week period and renewed once for an additional three weeks.  Reference books do not circulate outside the library.

    Check-out may be restricted for books and other materials that are used for a project for multiple classes. For example:

    • At a teacher’s request a group of books must remain in the library at all times.
    • At a teacher’s request a group of books may be restricted to overnight check-out.

    Lost or Damaged Library Materials
    Students must reimburse the school district for lost or damaged library materials.  Students who do not clear their library account jeopardize the receipt of the end-of-year report card.  Additionally, seniors’ participation in graduation is jeopardized.

    Computer Use
    Students, teachers, staff and administration must abide by the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at all times.

    Computers are to be used for educational purposes.  Students, whose teacher has reserved the library for research, have priority computer use as the class requires.  As available, computers are open to students for drop-in use.