• Blind Brook High School

    Senior Options

    Timeline and Fact Sheet


    Fact Sheet


    You must secure your own internship/project.

    You may not intern with a family member or be supervised by a family member for either an internship or independent project.

    You must explain to your site supervisor that you do receive school credit for your participation in Senior Options.

    You may not get financial compensation for your internship/project. Please specify to your site supervisor that you get school credit.

    You may not intern at a place of present employment completing the same responsibilities as you presently do.

    If you choose an independent project, your project must reflect at least 100 hours of work.

    If you choose an independent project working with another student, each member must contribute at least 100 hours of work toward the project. For example, if there are two members in your group, your project must reflect 200 hours of work.




    Complete the Internship Permission Form by Monday, March 8, 2021, the latest!


    Independent Projects


    Complete the Independent Project Goal Permission Form by Monday, March 8, 2021. Please note: Your independent project must be approved by the administration.  See Mrs. Decker with your plan before this date.

    Complete the Daily Calendar (with your daily plans filled in) by April 9, 2021.





    March 8                    Internship Permission form or Independent Project Goal form due to Mrs. Decker

    April 9                       Daily Calendar for Independent Goals due to Mrs. Decker

    May 3                        Senior Options Begins (dependent upon your AP exams)

    June 10                     Senior Options Ends