Superintendent's Message

  • February 2019

    Dr. Jonathan Ross  

    Dear Members of the Blind Brook School Community,

    It is budget season again and a good time to remind members of the community of what the process entails.  At Blind Brook, the School Board set parameters that frame the school budget development process by way of its own budget policy.  The Superintendent of Schools and his administrative team determine needs and wants and create a proposed budget that is released in February.  After two months of budget deliberations, the School Board adopts a final budget for the ensuing year that eligible residents vote on in May.  If approved by the voters, the new budget goes into effect on July 1st, the first day of the new fiscal year for school districts in New York State.

    Generally speaking, the school budget has consistently served as the financial expression of the educational philosophy of the Blind Brook School District.  As you have a right to expect, budget development is viewed as the most important and fundamental responsibility of financial management.  Year after year, the school budget seeks to obtain the greatest results with the resources that the community makes available for the educational program it aspires to create and/or maintain. 

    Budget development in Blind Brook is an integral part of program planning.  The annual operating budget must effectively express and allow for the implementation of programs and activities that are aligned with School Board/District goals and objectives. It is developed in accordance with School Board policy, NYS Education Department guidelines and follows parameters of the NYS Tax Levy Cap Law. The process starts with a program review to determine what is needed to maintain the educational standards expected of the community.  Then the cost of providing services aligned to these standards is computed and to balance the budget, a revenue plan is constructed. 

    Budget Balance Chart

    We begin the public budget discussion with release of the Superintendent’s 2019-2020 Budget in February.  This year we are facing a budget process that must follow state-imposed tax levy cap requirements for an eighth consecutive year.  Please listen carefully and then participate as you feel compelled to as we deliberate a budget for the 2019-2020 school year.  Listed below are key 2019-2020 budget calendar events.


    Budget Calendar

    We will need your support so please be sure to be well informed during the next few months.

    Jonathan Ross, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools