Athletics Advisory Committee Information



    Gina Carlone Glenn Christal Dino DeLaurentiis
    Steve Forzaglia Bruce Greenbaum Spencer Haimes
    Eric Hoberman Marnie Korpi Matthew Kulekofsky
    Marnie Mallah Kevin O'Neil Tony Paterno
    Andrew Rogovic Cliff Shaw Josh Shaw
    Gail Solow Gene Tangney Sheri Zarkower
    Dana Zimmerman    
    2021-2022 Board Liaison: Jeffrey Mensch  
    Committee Chair: Ryan Naccarato  

    General Charges
    1. Election of a Chair
    2. Selection of a person to take the Minutes of the meetings
    3. Placement of Minutes on website
    4. A strong commitment for attendance at meetings (each Committee to report on attendance requirements)
    5. Exploration of Sub-Committees
    6. The Board reserves the right to accept, reject or modify all or any part of a Committee recommendation
    7. Committee appointments shall be approved annually by the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools

    Specific Charges

    The Athletic Advisory Committee comprises the District’s Athletic Director, coaches, students, and parents. The purpose of the committee is for the athletic department to share information with the community and for the community to give feedback to the athletic department.  It is increasingly important to seek the community’s recommendations on how resources should be managed from both a programmatic and financial perspective. The committee should have broad representation from all constituents to guarantee a wide range of community involvement in its charge to provide recommendations.

    2019-2020 School Year Meeting Minutes