2022-2023 Board Liaisons: Jeffrey Mensch  
      Samantha Smith  
    Committee Chairperson: Charles Von Hollen   
    Technology Staff: Katie Gambino  
      Jenifer Vazquez  
    Committee Members: Nethra Bhatt Nancy Knabl
      Marnita Brown Penny Litchfield
      Laurel DeLuca Marko Markolovic
      Richard Donoghue Alan Oberotman
      Amanda Eckert Dan Rohtbart
      Paul Fagan Matthew Vogt
      Katherine Hallissy Ayala Robin Willig

    The District Technology Planning Advisory Committee serves as an advisory group to District Administration. Its charges include:

    1. To annually develop, review and revise the district’s long-term technology plan, vision and goals.
    2. To evaluate the district’s progress in meeting its goals by:
      • Reviewing inventory and reports
      • Reviewing student performance data
      • Reviewing the technology budget to ensure sufficient resources to support future initiatives and sustain current ones
      • Conducting and reviewing annual surveys to evaluate data concerning technology use, implementation, professional development and support
    3. To explore innovative instructional technology initiatives which anticipate the future needs of the district    

    The Committee shall meet on a monthly basis. Findings and recommendations are to be regularly reported to the Board of Education by the Board liaison.