Sue Zeitlin

      Steve Kabot

    Deborah Lewis

    Ryan Naccarato

    Hildie Kalish

    Dr. Jason Lupow


    Matthew Beatty

    Joe Dalton

    Lisa Youkeles Christina Collins

    Lauren Broch

    Matt Wels Gina Carlone

    Patty Dilluvio

    2021-2022 Board Liaison: Richard Buzin  

    The District Health, Safety & Wellness Committee is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children’s health, well-being and the ability to learn by fostering healthy eating habits and physical activity. The District has established a Wellness Committee to develop the District’s proposed local wellness policy. The District’s Wellness Committee includes, but is not limited to representatives from each of the following groups:

    Parents, Students, Teachers, The District’s Food Service program, the School Board, School Administrators, Members of the Public and the School Nurse.

    The District Wellness Committee has assessed current activities, programs and policies available in the District; identified specific areas of need within the District; developed the policy; and provided mechanisms for implementation, evaluation, revision and updating of the policy. The Wellness Committee has been established to represent the local community’s perspective in developing the wellness policy for the District.


    The Committee shall meet on a monthly basis. Findings and recommendations are to be regularly reported to the Board of Education by the Board liaison.