• This is only for 7th or 8th graders who wish to participate at a JV or Varsity level. 

    This does not apply to 7th or 8th graders who would like to play Modified Sports.

    Any 7th or 8th-grade student wishing to try out for a JV or Varsity team must first complete and successfully pass the Athletic Placement Process.  The APP is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness.    

    The student-athlete will only have to repeat the APP test if they are trying out for a higher level (eg. Varsity or JV).  If a student-athlete passed as a 7th grader for Varsity, they don’t need to complete the test again.  If a student-athlete was in 7th grade and played on JV but is now trying out for varsity as an 8th grader, they would need to retake the test for only the components where the scores weren’t met as a 7th grader.  

    Testing Dates: This will occur once a season, approximately 2 weeks before the JV/Varsity season begins. The winter testing dates are Monday, Aug. 19th, and Thursday, Aug. 22nd, at 10am at the HS Track. All required documents need to be submitted by Wednesday, Aug 14, 2pm.  

    ** To provide the athletic department with initial information, please sign-up here.** 


    • Parent/Guardian signed approval- The process for Athletic Placement of a student will start when a request form is filled out and submitted by a parent/guardian to the Athletic Director.  (Appendix B)
    • Medical Clearance- The physical maturity form (Appendix C) is to be completed by your healthcare physician, in addition to the required annual updated sports physical completed by a physician, with medical doctor stamp. This must be completed BEFORE the physical fitness portion of the process. 
      • Our District Doctor will make a final decision after Appendix C has been received
    • Physical Fitness Testing- Student-athletes must complete and pass all 4 components administered at the exam (shuttle run, sit-ups, pushups, and mile run/500-yard swim).
      a.  All 4 components will be tested on that day and he/she will have two chances to try to be successful.
      b.  If, and only if, a student-athlete has passed 2 out of the 4 components will they be allowed to take part in a retake of the components that are lacking.  If the student-athlete passes one or fewer, they will not be eligible for an additional retake day.

    Attire: On your testing day, please wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and bring a water bottle.

    Sports-Related Exceptions:

    Swim: For students trying out for swimming, see Appendix J for an alternate fitness test for the 1-mile walk/run. Students trying out for swimming may choose to either do the 1-mile walk/ run or the 500-yard swim.

    Golf:  Any 7th or 8th-grade student may be given the opportunity to try out for a junior varsity or varsity golf team. At the completion of the tryout sessions, which must include 18 holes golfed over a three-day period (the first three days of the individual’s tryout when the course is accessible), if the individual’s golf average puts them in the top 8 of the school’s golfers, they are eligible for the team.

    Parent Permission Deadline:
    August 14 at 2 pm
    Physical Fitness Testing:
    August 19 and 22 @ 10 at the HS track
    Tryout Period Starts:
    August 26