• What is it?
    Created by alumnae Antonella Pomara and Sheryl Shapiro, the Blind Brook Soup Kitchen is a program that has been providing weekly hot meals to Westchester's homeless and hungry since 1998.

    When is it?
     The Soup Kitchen at St. Peter's Church provides meals five days a week hosted by different high schools or community groups. Blind Brook High School is responsible for THURSDAYS, while school is in session. We begin at 4:00 PM and finish at 6:00 PM.

    Where is St. Peter's?
     St. Peter's is located in Port Chester on the corner of Westchester Avenue and Pearl Street.

    How do I sign up?
     That's easy! Contact one of the captains in school, by phone or online.

    Can I just show up?
     NO! As this program is very popular, we must be strict to prevent overcrowding. You MUST sign up in order to be eligible to go.

    RULES: Other important rules for volunteers to follow:
       (1) No tight/revealing clothing
       (2) No showy jewelry or displaying of money
       (3) No talk of last names, phone numbers, or addresses. Use your first name only.
       (4) You cannot leave the soup kitchen without an adult supervisor. You must be picked up inside.
       (5) Be respectful to all our guests, we are here not only to give them a hot meal, but to socialize and make them feel "at home"!

    Thank you in advance for your valued assistance. 

    Questions? Contact Jane Romm, Community Service  co-advisor.