Clean Out Your Closet & Support the PTA!

  • As part of our Going Green effort at Blind Brook, the PTA Green Team has placed a “Spin Green” bin in the BMP Ridge Street School gravel parking lot as a way to turn used items into funds for PTA programs – and keep them out of the trash. 

    Spin Green accepts all types of clothing and shoes. Wearable clothing will be reused; rags such as stained t-shirts and socks with holes are sold into industry to be used as car seat filling; ripped denim is turned into green insulation for homes; unwearable sneakers are turned into sports flooring, etc.


    And, the PTA earns $0.10 per pound for all materials donated!


    The full list of acceptable items includes:

    • Clothing (including ripped or stained fabric), sportswear, hats, gloves

    • Shoes, ice skates, roller skates

    • Toys

    • Household goods, throw rugs, picture frames

    • Car seats, baby gear and babywear

    • Phone chargers

    • Dishes, cups, silverware


    The only unacceptable items are used carpets or beds/mattresses.


    Other schools with Spin Green bins have generated hundreds of dollars within a few months!  So before you toss something out or put it in bulk trash, think about putting it in the Spin Green bin!  The earth and the Blind Brook PTA will thank you.


    If you have any questions, contact Julie Hartman at Thanks!




Spin Green Bin