• The personal rewards are significant and the impact we have on our district is immense. We are a K-12 PTA and would like representation from all three schools in the district. Job descriptions for each position are listed below, along with the current board member’s contact information. They are prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding the position. Please note that Board members are required to attend monthly PTA meetings.

    Blind Brook PTA Unit Bylaws

    To be eligible for the office of president, the person must have been a member of the Executive Board of the Blind Brook PTA for a minimum of one year. 

    Duties Include: 

    • Reviews all contacts and agreements in the name of the PTA
    • Preside at all meetings of the association
    • Coordinate the work of the committees toward a common goal
    • Meet monthly with superintendent of schools
    • Meet frequently with School Administration to discuss current events issues/share information
    • Develop annual operating budgets
    • Attend Board of Education meetings
    • Attend monthly Community Coalition meetings
    • Approve discretionary funds spent by building principals
    • Sign checks
    • Send emails to PTA community re: meetings and events
    • Hold Executive Board Meetings 2x/year
    • Update By-Laws as necessary
    • Ensure proper methods and protocols are followed for committee work

    Contact: Cameron Sager (csager10@gmail.com) & Correy Stephenson (correystephenson@hotmail.com)


    Recording Secretary

    Duties Include: 

    • Record and maintain minutes of all PTA meetings
    • Copy and distribute minutes at PTA meetings

    Contact: Kate Marino (kmarino63@gmail.com)  


    Corresponding (Communications) Secretary

    Duties Include: 

    • Prepares & posts Summer Bulletin
    • Updates PTA page of District Website
    • Posts PTA events on District Calendar, hard copies in display box at RSS
    • Prepares & sends email blasts and social media posts as requested on behalf of PTA
    • Sends any outside correspondence as necessary
    • Represents PTA at any scheduled District Communication Meetings

    Contact: Nethra Bhatt (blindbrookptasocial@gmail.com)



    Duties Include: 

    • Collect all monies of the PTA
    • Keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and expenditures Issue checks for payment
    • Present financial statements at each PTA meetings
    • Prepare a budget for submission to the members
    • Have the accounts examined annual by an auditor
    • File all IRS and NY State tax forms
    • Manage bank accounts and online access
    • Withdraw cash as needed prior to fundraisers and programs that are utilizing cash
    • Administrator of Community Pass

    Contact: Lynn Glantz (bbptatreasurer99@gmail.com)



    Duties Include: 

    • Review all contracts
    • Ensure that all events conform to unity bylaws
    • Provide legal opinions on specific issues
    • Revise bylaws if necessary
    • Responsible for going to a minimum of 2 Board of Ed meetings

    Contact: Shari Turner (goldsmith.shari@gmail.com)



    Duties Include: 

    • Solicit committee heads to chair all Fundraising events (i.e. Holiday Boutique, Book Fair, School supply sales, plant sale, Magic Night, Wrapping Paper, After School Activities,Speakers, Movie Nights, Spirit Day, Teacher Appreciation Lunch, Educational Speakers Bookbinding, etc.)
    • Train committee heads in proper procedures
    • Approve the work plans of all committees 
    • Support committee heads in any way needed
    • Present a report at PTA meetings
    • Develop annual operating budgets
    • Ensure proper protocol is followed with coordinating events throughout the district 
    • Look at current fundraisers and revise based on community interest


    Large Events: Leah Mittelman (BlindBrook.PTA1@gmail.com)

    Smaller Programs: Linda Itani (linda.itani@gmai.com)

    Smaller Fundrasiers: Karen Lin (Karen.lin84@gmail.com)

    School Spirit: Shana Koransky (shanakoransky@gmail.com

    Membership Chairperson(s)

    Duties Include: 

    • Send out membership forms and collect dues from all district members
    • Prepare and distribute Dial a Friend directory
    • Update and maintain School Bee Website (online directory)
    • Must have access to computer/internet end of August/beginning of September

    Contact: Stephanie Biderman and Katie Wolff  (bbptamembers@gmail.com)


    School Liaisons [Ridge Street School, Middle School, High School]

    Duties Include: 

    • Meet monthly with building principals
    • Attend monthly Shared Decision-Making Team meeting at assigned school
    • Provide parent feedback to administration
    • Follow-up on issues or provide resources as directed by principals
    • Assist in coordinating events & recruitment of volunteers for their building’s activities, including teacher appreciation luncheons & graduation receptions.
    • Support PTA Co-Presidents in various ways.
    • In addition:
      • RSS Liaison: Oversees the sign-up & selection process for Head Class Parents & Assistant Class Parents for grades K-5 & manages Class Parents throughout the school year.
      • MS Liaison: Coordinates Reflections Program [MS Liaison spearheads program w/ assist from other 2 liaisons], coordinates & recruits volunteers for 6 & 7 grade Spirit Day & 8 grade Graduation breakfast.
      • HS Liaison: Parent representative to HS Congress, attends meetings every other Friday 7-7:45AM 



    Pupil Services Liaison

    Duties Include: 

    • Meet monthly with Director and Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services, & provide them with parent feedback.
    • With the Pupil Services department, promote parent education by organizing formal presentations & informal coffees.
    • Coordinate the posting of helpful information on the District/PTA website.
    • Serve on the PTA committee Supporting Every Individual Difference (SEID).
    • Assist in coordination of events & recruitment of volunteers for Creating Connections.
    • Promote involvement of parent members, as a resource for participation in initial & annual 504 & CSE meetings as well as for ad-hoc support & guidance to other families.
    • Support PTA Co-Presidents in various ways.

    Contact: Victor Espinoza (blindbrookseid@gmail.com)


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