You Are Not Alone

  • Although, as parents, we strive to support our children, special education parents need various levels special support ourselves.  Many of us are new to the NYS special education laws and procedures, we may worry about acceptance or bullying, and we may look ahead to an unfamiliar path forward.  SEID seeks to bring parents together to support one another as we face these challenges.  

    Would you like to talk one-on-one with a parent who also has a special education student?


    Would you like to attend a workshop to prepare yourself to navigate Special Education?


    Would you like to read up on special education online?


    Would you like to meet other parents at a SEID networking meeting?

    • We gather 45 minutes before the evening PTA meetings.
    • Next meeting: Thursday, February 16th, 6:15pm.  Ridge Street School Cafetorium.


    Would you like a trained Parent Member to attend your CSE meeting?

    • A Parent Member attends meetings to support the parent's understanding of the CSE process.  Parent Members are not Advocates; they are to attend in a neutral way and help clarify understanding.  To become a parent member, one must have a child who has an IEP currently or had an IEP within the past five years.  A parent member earns a certificate for 5 hours of training and is appointed by the Board of Education.
    • When you complete the response to your meeting invitation, check off the "Parent Member" check box.  The district will reach out to a Blind Brook Parent Member on your behalf.


    Would you like a trained Parent Member to attend your 504 meeting?

    • The 504 process does not require the district to offer you a Parent Member for a meeting.  However, if you email, SEID will attempt to find you a trained Parent Member or other parent who can attend with you.


    Did you know?

    • You can invite anyone you'd like to your child's CSE or 504 meeting.  Just let the district know in advance who you have invited.
    • By law, districts must send parents student evaluations and reports "a reasonable time frame" before a CSE or 504 meeting.  This is generally accepted as 5 days.  If you feel you have not had enough time to review your child's evaluations before a meeting, you can request it to be rescheduled.  Parents are also expected to share private evaluations intended for a CSE or 504 meeting within a reasonable time before the meeting.
    • IEP support extends to school-sponsored extracurricular activities.  For more information, ask your child's Case Manager, or ask at your next review meeting.