What If . . .?

  • Will My Child Receive Educational Help and Support If He/She is Not Classified for Special Education or Does Not Qualify for Section 504?
    The Blind Brook school district provides a wide range of support services for children at a building level. Strategies will vary depending on the needs of the child, but a sampling of those supports include: speech and language therapy; occupational therapy; psychological counseling; guidance services; or academic remedial support with programs such as LIFT and PLACE. Such children may receive services under a combination of building level services with CSE or Section 504.
    What To Do If You Have Concerns About Your Child’s Educational Program:
    It is important for you to follow the general communications guidelines outlined by the Superintendent. Your first line of communication should begin with your child’s classroom teacher. Following that, you should involve the related service providers, principal or assistant principal, CPSE/CSE Chairperson and the IST, as seen fit. It is in everyone’s best interest to try to collaborate and formulate an agreeable resolution.

    If a child is found ineligible for services or if there is disagreement with the IEP, you have due process rights – the right to challenge the decisions of the school regarding your child’s education, following the appropriate law and regulations. You may wish to advocate for your child under the guidance of an experienced child advocate or education attorney.