• Welcome to Blind Brook High School!
    Please check the High School website to view the current Family Guidebook. Please familiarize yourself with the Family Guidebookas students and their families are responsible for knowing and adhering to all district policies and procedures.

    Educational research has shown a strong correlation between attendance and academic progress and achievement. The Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy 7110, adopted by the Board of Education stipulates that except in cases of illness, students will not receive credit for a class if they are absent more than 18 times in a year-long course or 9 for a semester course. This policy will be strictly enforced this year.

    Student Parking and Drop-off/Pick-up
    Parking on campus is a privilege reserved for seniors only. Seniors will be permitted to park on campus once they have returned the required permission form and obtained a parking permit.

    Parents dropping off or picking up students are asked to follow the same procedure as last year. Please form a single line into the property and drop-off/pick-up students at the walkway in front of the school. For everyone’s safety, please heed the directions of the security staff monitoring the flow of traffic. It is important that all drivers remain extremely focused while driving on campus to avoid accidents and injuries. Please do not use cell phones while driving on our campus.

    Parents are not permitted to drop-off/pick-up students at the side loading dock area.

    Please read all the material carefully. Forms that need to be returned should be printed and given to the responsible person by the date stated. Students will not be able to assume privileges if applicable forms are not returned to the school. 
    Principal - Dr. Jennifer Chirles
    Phone- (914) 937-3600 ext 3141
    Fax       (914) 937-4509
    Email- jchirles@blindbrook.org
    Associate Principal - Mark Greenwald
    Phone- (914) 937-3600 ext 3401
    Fax       (914) 937-4509
    Email- mgreenwald@blindbrook.org
    Secretary to Principal - Joanne Connor 
    Phone- (914) 937-3600 ext 3142
    Fax       (914) 937-4509
    Email- jconnor@blindbrook.org
    Office Assistant - Roseann DiRosa 
    Phone- (914) 937-3600 ext 3154
    Fax      (914) 937-4509
    Email- rdirosa@blindbrook.org