Blind Brook Mission Statement

  • The Blind Brook Rye Schools are the cornerstone of our community. Our mission is to prepare our students to be active, life-long learners who have the skills and confidence necessary to achieve their highest potential. We encourage our students to be curious, compassionate and strong in their ability to face challenges. We are committed to preparing our students to be reflective, adaptable citizens with an open world view. We aspire to instill integrity as a core value and to influence our students to be ethical and responsible members of society.

    Blind Brook Belief Statements

    We value the development of caring, respectful and ethical individuals and are committed to cultivating in our students an integrity that will inform their conduct in all aspects of their lives.

    We believe that open and respectful communication between students, district employees, parents and the community will contribute to a more dynamic and  effective school environment.

    We strive to develop creative, adaptable and skillful individuals who think critically, solve problems and take leadership roles in society.

    We believe that a physically and emotionally safe and healthy environment is essential for the growth and development of our students and employees.

    We embrace the varied learning styles and capabilities of our students and are committed to providing diverse opportunities for them to demonstrate their gifts and maximize their potential.

    We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining high quality individuals to work with our students and families.

    We believe interdisciplinary learning best promotes intellectual development, personal growth and effective communication.

    We believe that appreciating differences fosters a common respect for each others’ humanity.

    We are committed to providing students opportunities to pursue their passions through a wide range of academic and extra & co-curricular activities.

    We believe that access to information and proficiency in technology are essential components to teaching and learning.

    Adopted by the Board of Education, 12/07