• ENL - English as a New Language
     Please note that ENL was formerly known as ESL (English as a Second Language.) 
    In the fall of 2014, the Board of Regents adopted the New York State Education Department’s proposed amendments to Part 154 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The Commissioner's Regulation Part 154 (CR Part 154) establishes the legal requirements for the education of English Language Learners (ELLs) in New York State.
    Based on an ELL’s proficiency level, there are required and flexible units of Integrated and Stand-Alone ENL.  (If you would like more information regarding the five levels of English proficiency and the number of units of ENL services set by the New York State Department of Education, please click here.)
    Information about Integrated ENL:  Our Integrated ENL classes at BMPRSS is when our ESOL (Teachers of English of Speakers of Other Languages) teachers "push-in" to the ELL's child general education classroom.  At times, the content area is specifically ELA (English Language Arts). At other times the content area could be ELA, Math, Science, or Social Studies.  
    Information about Stand-alone ENL: In Stand-alone ENL, students receive English Language Development taught by a New York State certified ESOL teacher in order to acquire the English Language needed for success in core content areas.  Our Stand-alone ENL classes at BMPRSS is our "pull-out" program when our ESOL teachers work with our ELLs outside of the general education classroom.
    Our ESOL/ENL teachers: 
    Mrs. Jane Giard will be working with our K-2 students in our ENL Program.  
    You may contact her by email:  jgiard@blindbrook.org
    Mrs. Monique Pedersen will be working with our 3-5 students in our ENL Program. 
    You may contact her by email: mpedersen@blindbrook.org