Instrumental Music Program Curriculum
There are never ending benefits of children learning to play instruments. Playing an instrument aids in their brain development and also provides your child with a creative outlet. Students learn responsibility, mental discipline, teamwork, self-esteem and, above all, an enjoyment and lifelong appreciation of music.  Instrumental Music is offered to Grade 4 and Grade 5 students and is taught by Paul Mariconda.
Grade 4 and 5 Instrumental Music Guidebook  
Please click on the link below to access the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School Instrumental Music Guidebook for Students and Parents.
Please see the schedule below so children can remember when they need to bring their instruments to school! 
 2016-2017     Grade 4 Instrumental Band Schedule
 Mrs. Bal's class    A Day 
 Ms. Blumstein's class C Day
 Mrs. DeLuca's class D Day
 Mrs. Scardina's class  E Day
 Ms. Onofrio's class F Day
  2016-2017     Grade 5 Instrumental Band Schedule
 Ms. Krill's band students 6th period (12:14-12:54) B Day 
 Ms. Sarli band students 6th period (12:14-12:54) C Day
 Mrs. Fava band students 6th period (12:14-12:54) D Day
 Mrs. Fernandez band students 6th period (12:14-12:54) E Day
 Ms. Rosen band students 6th period (12:14-12:54) F Day
 Alto Saxes 9th period (2:25-3:05)
 Trumpets 9th period (2:25-3:05)
 Clarinets 9th period (2:25-3:05)
 Drums 9th period (2:25-3:05)
 Trombones 9th period (2:25-3:05)
 Flutes 9th period (2:25-3:05)