• The regular school day at BMP Ridge Street School is from 8:30 a.m. - 3:10p.m.  Our instructional day starts promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Please make sure that children arrive prior to 8:30 a.m. to give them time to get settled in to start their day.  This will help avoid unnecessary anxiety.  


    Our school runs on a six day cycle – A B C D E F – which allows our students to take advantage of our different specials programs (Physical Education, Library, Art, Music, Computer, and STEAM.) 

    All classes have an HRE period – Homeroom Enrichment.  This is a designated time during the day when students leave the classroom for special programs or services (e.g.: Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Academic Intervention Services (AIS) instruction, IMPACT). The students who remain in the classroom will be with their teacher for small group instruction.   

    All classes are scheduled for “Specials” each day.  These Specials classes are: Physical Education, Art, Music, Library, Computer (Grades 1-5 only), STEAM, and Health (Grade 5 only).  Some classes are scheduled for more than one special in a day.

    We have a 4th grade and 5th grade Instrumental Band Program.  Students will choose their instrument and attend lessons/band practice at designated times during the day.

    Our K-4 classes are self-contained which means that one teacher teaches several content areas.  These content areas include: English Language Arts (ELA), math, social studies, and science. 

    Our 5th grade is departmentalized and follows a nine period day.  The following is the 5th grade schedule:


    Grade 5 Schedule

    1st Period  and 2nd Period       8:35 – 9:55                (This includes homeroom and ELA Block.)

    3rd Period                              9:55 – 10:40

    4th Period                              10:42 – 11:22

    5th Period                              11:25 – 12:25             (Lunch and Recess)

    6th Period                              12:25 – 1:01

    7th Period                              1:03 – 1:43

    8th Period                              1:45 – 2:25

    9th Period                              2:25 – 3:05                (HRE)



    In our effort to maintain a safe and secure environment, all school visitors must enter through the school’s main entrance, sign in at the security desk, and wear a VISITOR sticker while they are in the building.  If you have a meeting with a teacher, please enter through the main entrance and provide a photo ID as the security monitor will have a list of scheduled meetings.