We ask that parents minimize the number of messages they leave for students.  Anything important that students need to know for the day should be discussed before coming to school in the morning.  Of course, if there is an urgent need to relay a message to a student, parents may call the Main Office at ext. 2199.



    Any student who loses articles should go to the Lost and Found area located in the atrium outside the Cafetorium.  Anyone who finds articles should check to see if there is a name inside.  If there is a name on the item, please bring the item to the Main Office.  If there is no name, please take it to the Lost and Found area.



    There is a bike rack at the front of the school near the Old Gym Entrance.  If your child bikes to school, they will need a bike lock.  They can leave their bike there and proceed to their grade-level entrance.  Students are expected to provide and use their own locks to secure their bicycles.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.



    Food and drink may be consumed at lunchtime in the cafetorium.  Food and drinks are not permitted in the computer lab.   Students should bring a water bottle with their name on it to be used at our refillable water stations throughout the building.



    Students, teachers, staff and administration must abide by the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at all times.  Computers are to be used for educational purposes.  Students whose teacher has reserved the library for research have priority in using computers as the class requires.  As available, computers are open to students for drop-in use.



    BMP Ridge Street School has teamed up with We Future Cycle in our recycling efforts on our campus.  There are recycling containers in every classroom, in the lunchroom, and at various locations around the school building.  We strongly encourage you to speak with your children about the importance of recycling and continue to make them aware of materials that can be recycled. 



    Any equipment/item that interferes with the educational environment is not permitted in the school building or on the school grounds at any time.  

    The following items are specifically not permitted:                                                    

    • Skateboards
    • Rollerblades
    • Rollers on shoes
    • Hand-held video games (i.e.: Gameboy, etc.)
    • Smartwatches (i.e.: Watch that receives messages, can communicate outside of school, etc.)
    • Personal iPod/ iTouch/iPad etc.
    • Any item (toys, etc.) that resembles a weapon of any kind
    • Toys and collectibles (Silly Banz, trading cards, any popular/trendy item, etc.) - These items should be left at home and are especially not to be brought to school unless authorized by a member of the BMPRSS administration, faculty, or staff. Trading of these items is also not permitted.

    NOTE: This list is not exclusive and any other item that is unsafe or disruptive to the educational process will be prohibited.  Students bring personal possessions, inclusive of Nooks, Kindles, and iPads, to school at their own risk.  Fifth grade lockers should be kept locked at all times. NOTE: About NOOKS, KINDLES, iPads: Students must have prior permission from an administrator or faculty member.  Students bringing these items in do so at their own risk 



    Cameras and recording devices may be used in class only with prior approval of the teacher.  We understand that there are a lot of phones and devices that have the capability to take photos or videos.  Students are not permitted to take photos or videos of other students in school, are not permitted to record anything in the classroom, on school property, or on the school bus.  If a student is witnessed doing this, the device may be confiscated.



    Hats are not permitted to be worn inside the school building without prior approval from a BMPRSS Administrator, BMPRSS Teacher, or BMPRSS Staff Member.



    Students are held strictly accountable for the care of books issued to them and are charged the full replacement value for damage or loss.



    Students must reimburse the school district for lost or damaged library materials.  Any student who does not clear his/her library account jeopardizes the receipt of his/her final report card.