The normal protocols for students who are ill for any reason are still in place. This means that students who are ill should not come into the school buildings. Anyone who has a fever is not permitted to go back to school until twenty-four hours, until after the fever breaks. We want to create a safe and healthy environment for our students and employees.


    Students or staff members who test positive for COVID must notify the school district as soon as possible. Notification must have the date when the individual first had symptoms or when they first tested positive and has to include a copy of the positive test results.

    Regardless of vaccination status, if a student, teacher or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 they must isolate for 5 days. Isolation starts on the day after the individual first had symptoms or, if asymptomatic, on the day after the individual tested positive. On Day 6, students, teachers or staff members can return to school and work, as long as they have not had a fever within 24 hours and are asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving. For days 6 - 10, students, teachers and staff members continue to be required to wear a mask in school, including on the school bus.

    There is no requirement for an individual who has tested postive for COVID to be retested before returning on day 6 or later. However, if an individual does get tested and the result of that test is positive, the isolation period for that individual will restart as of the date of testing and they will have to isolate for five days from that date.


    If a student, teacher or staff member has been exposed or potentially exposed to COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, it is highly recommended that they wear a mask for 10 days. Additionally, it is recommended that the individual who was exposed be tested for COVID-19 as soon as the exposure is known, as well as on Day 5 after exposure.

    Exposed individuals, regardless of vaccination status, may remain in school and may participate in school-based extracurricular activities. These individuals also may continue to ride the school bus.


    The Blind Brook School District continues to have weekly PCR testing through Mirimus. Any student or staff member in the schools can volunteer to be part of the weekly testing. Every week, anyone who is part of the testing process will receive a self-administered saliva collection kit that must be returned by Friday of each week. These kits are collected by a courier and brought to Mirimus' lab for analysis. Results are sent out over the weekend. To take part in the weekly testing, please contact any of our school nurses.


    The school district still has rapid tests available if needed. Parents or employees who would like a rapid test should contact their school nurse to request one. 


    Currently, remote learning is available for students who have tested positive for COVID and are asymptomatic. Students who feel ill should not engage in remote learning until they feel better. Once a parent reports a positive case, a representative for their child's school building will reach out to set up remote learning. It may take up to twenty four hours for students to get set up with remote learning.


    To report a positive COVID test result for a student or staff member, please send an email to one of the following email addresses:

    For the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School - covidrss@blindbrook.org 
    For the Blind Brook Middle School - covidms@blindbrook.org 
    For the Blind Brook High School - covidhs@blindbrook.org 

    For questions on COVID please contact the COVID Coordinator, Kallie Edge, at kedge@blindbrook.org