Superintendent's Message

  • September 4, 2018
    Dr. Jonathan Ross  

    Dear Members of the Blind Brook School Community,

    Once again, it is with great anticipation and expectations that I welcome everyone back to begin a new school year!

    I acknowledge and thank all twelve-month District employees for their diligence in preparing our schools for another opening. Our facilities personnel have gone above and beyond again this summer with the painting, cleaning and polishing they have completed. Our clerical staff have also performed their due diligence in getting all textbooks, supplies and materials ordered and delivered for our teachers and students to use this fall. Our administrators have overseen the creation and dissemination of information for parents including student schedules, cafeteria and transportation information, and information about all of the important activities that will occur in the weeks ahead.

    I am inspired, and I believe everyone in our school community is as well, to continue to do the good work expected of us as we assist all students in their pursuit of excellence in school. We believe in the vision for our schools set forth by the Board of Education and we stand ready to accomplish our ongoing Mission. We believe that Blind Brook is an outstanding public school system with a dedicated faculty and staff. We believe that we have available to us a physically and emotionally safe and healthy environment necessary for the growth and development of our students. And we believe that all students can and will learn to the limits of their desire and potential. These beliefs will continue to guide us and move us forward in the future as they have in the past.

    I urge all in our school community to review the District Calendar, family guidebooks, and other resources available at the District Website. If you have any questions please reach out to us. Let us know what you think about our schools. Parents, I encourage you to communicate with your child’s teachers by attending open houses and other parent meetings, and everyone is always welcome to attend Board of Education meetings. Join the Blind Brook PTA and participate in their activities; they are an invaluable resource for our schools, and your children. And please, always remember to discuss with your children how their day went in school. Reinforce the importance of learning and let them know how much you want them to succeed and be happy in school.

    My very best wishes to all for a great school year!

    Jonathan Ross, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools