Superintendent's Message

  • June 12, 2024

    Blind Brook – Status of Field Work at the Blind Brook Middle School/High School

    Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community,

    As you may have noticed, the work to repair our football/soccer/lacrosse field at the Blind Brook Middle School/High School campus has begun. I am happy that, with the assistance of the community, we were able to get the project started this month so as to be ready for our teams this coming Fall.

    You may notice a lull in work on the project following the demolition work. This was to be expected as the contractor has to wait for the supplies and materials specific to our field project. Most specifically, the carpet that will be customized to our school needs to be created and shipped. This delay was part of the proposed timeline and will not delay the opening of the fields.

    I want to note that during this time the fields are still officially closed for all usage including walking on the track. Please do not enter the field area even if gates are open.

    I will continue to share updates on this project as things progress. I look forward to the reopening of the field this coming fall!


    Dr. Colin M. Byrne

    Superintendent of Schools