Superintendent's Message

  • May 2018
    Dr. Jonathan Ross  

    Notice of Blind Brook MS/HS Principal and Assistant Principal Appointments

    Dear Members of the Blind Brook School Community,

    I am pleased to make the following personnel recommendations to the Blind Brook Board of Education in order to fill the vacant BBMS Principal and Assistant Principal positions for next year.  I believe this administrative team at the Middle and High Schools will ensure a strong educational experience for our students moving forward.  These appointments will be on the Board of Education meeting agenda on Monday, June 4, 2018. 

    First, I am pleased that Ms. Patricia Lambert has volunteered to return to Blind Brook Middle School as Principal on July 16, 2018.  Ms. Lambert was initially appointed as BBMS Principal in July 2011, and served in that capacity for two years before moving to Blind Brook High School five years ago.  During her career, she has developed an extensive background in both the middle and high school environments and is quite familiar with the faculty, staff and operations at BBMS.  Prior to coming to Blind Brook, Ms. Lambert was a MS Principal, HS Assistant Principal, HS Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, and HS Social Studies Teacher for 27 years at public schools in New Jersey.  Ms. Lambert reflected on her new assignment stating -- “This year the students who entered middle school with me in 2011 are graduating from high school.  Although bittersweet, it seems fitting that I take this opportunity to return to Blind Brook Middle School next year and begin anew.  Middle school is such an exciting and challenging time for our young adolescents.  I look forward to working with the BBMS faculty and staff to continue the work of providing an exceptional learning experience for our students.  The possibilities are endless as we move our teaching and learning paradigm to meet the changing needs of our 21st Century global society.”  

    Second, I am recommending that Mr. Derek Schuelein be appointed to Principal of Blind Brook High School effective July 16, 2018.  Mr. Schuelein has been the Associate Principal at BBHS for the past four years and his exemplary performance during that time is evidence that he can successfully assume leadership of BBHS.  In the fall and winter of 2016, Mr. Schuelein served as interim HS Principal while Ms. Lambert was on medical leave.  Prior to coming to Blind Brook, Mr. Schuelein was an Assistant Principal for six years at two different high schools and a Social Studies Teacher and Program Chair at a public high school in NYC for six years.  Upon learning of my recommendation that he would be appointed as the next BBHS Principal, Mr. Schuelein graciously offered this comment -- “I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve the school community in this new role.  I'm looking forward to continuing to work with our talented educators and amazing students next year and, hopefully, for many years to come.”

    I am also pleased to announce that after careful and extensive conversations with Mr. Schuelein and Ms. Lambert, I will be recommending the following promotional appointments of current District employees to building-level leadership positions at the Blind Brook Middle/High School campus:

    I will recommend that Mr. Mark Greenwald be appointed by the Board of Education to be the next Assistant Principal at Blind Brook High School effective August 1, 2018.  Mr. Greenwald has been an esteemed faculty member at Blind Brook MS/HS for the past 23 years teaching Social Studies.  He has also been the BBMS/HS Social Studies Coordinator for the past six years.  Prior to coming to Blind Brook in 1995, Mr. Greenwald worked as a Social Studies Teacher, Department Chairperson, Dean and Assistant Principal during his 10 years at an independent school in NYC.  Mr. Greenwald is delighted with his promotion remarking -- “It has been a great privilege to serve the Blind Brook community for most of my career.  My journey has been both professional and personal.  Over the years, my entire family has benefited from working with and learning from an incredible group of talented educators, administrators and board members.  I am excited and energized to further my work as the High School Assistant Principal.”

    I will recommend that Mr. Seth Horowitz be appointed by the Board of Education to be the next Assistant Principal at Blind Brook Middle School effective July 1, 2018.  Mr. Horowitz has been an esteemed faculty member in Blind Brook for the past 19 years and has been teaching Earth Science and 6th Grade Science at Blind Brook Middle School since the building opened 17 years ago.  He has been the BBMS/HS Science Coordinator for the past year and was the BMPRSS K-4 Science Coordinator from 2010-2013.  Additionally, Mr. Horowitz has been the Districtwide Mentor Coordinator since 2015 and was one of the founding teachers in creating the MS Parent-Teacher Institute.  Prior to coming to Blind Brook in 2000, Mr. Horowitz worked as a Science Teacher for two years at public schools in the region.  Upon learning that I will recommend his promotion Mr. Horowitz shared that -- “I look forward to continuing my work with all members of the Blind Brook community as we work towards providing the best educational program for our middle school students.”

    Blind Brook is fortunate to count many talented and dedicated educators among its ranks. This reorganization that draws from a pool of internal and experienced candidates demonstrates our ability to come together to establish strong teams.  I have full confidence in the ability of each person being promoted, and that each will prove to be a highly effective administrator in their new position.  Working together with their respective faculty and staff, I expect great collaboration to occur which will benefit our students at both the Middle School and High School now and in the future.

    Finally, I would like to offer my best wishes to Todd Richard who has worked as the BBMS Principal for the past five years as well as two years prior to that as the BBMS/HS Associate Principal.  During his time at Blind Brook, Mr. Richard has served the school community with distinction.  I hope that he will find much success in his new position and throughout his career as an educator.

    Jonathan Ross, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools