Superintendent's Message

  • November 24, 2021

    Thanksgiving Message/Construction Update

    Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community,

    There have been many hardships this year that we all have had to face. COVID continues to have a presence in our lives, prices on the things we need are on the rise,  and delivery delays threaten shortages of daily supplies. Things can get overwhelming if you let them.

    That is why it is especially important to find the things in our lives that we can be especially thankful for. Despite all of the bad things going on, there are always some positive things that we can turn to. This is true both in our lives and in our schools.

    One thing that I am truly thankful for is the progress that we have been making with our construction project at the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School. I am especially happy to announce that, as of Tuesday afternoon, the District has received an updated Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the building that includes the newly built K-1 classroom wing! There is still some work to be done in these spaces over the next few days, but classes will be moving in starting next week.

    I am most certainly thankful for the people who are part of the Blind Brook community. Our students have shown remarkable resiliency. Their smiles and energy bring life to the school buildings. The support and caring shown by our teachers, our administrators and our support staff provides the students with a comfortable environment in which to learn and grow. Our parents and community provide the schools with the backing that they need to successfully educate our students. We are all truly fortunate to be part of the Blind Brook community!

    I offer you much thanks and wish you much happiness during this Thanksgiving holiday. May you have even more to be thankful for as the holiday season progresses!


    Dr. Colin M. Byrne
    Interim Superintendent of Schools