Superintendent's Message

  • Inauguration 2021 Message From The Superintendent


    January 18, 2021


    Inauguration 2021: Meeting the Needs of All Blind Brook Students

    The extreme events that occurred in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021 left many Americans worried, infuriated, even heartbroken.  The domestic attack on the Capitol was an attempt to disrupt certification of the election of the 46th President of the United States and imperiled our democracy.

    In advance of the inauguration this week, please know that administrators, teachers, and support personnel across our schools are providing stability and normalcy for our youngest children as well as safe space and guidance for our older students to respectfully discuss and make meaning of current events. 

    As educators, our leadership team understands that families across the community have been living in a prolonged state of duress and uncertainty.  We also recognize that teaching and learning require social and emotional security.  This understanding informs our collective commitment to you and all students.

    Our dedication to the continuous growth and healthy development of all Blind Brook students motivates our efforts in school now and into the future.   We acknowledge that individual political views vary, but we reinforce the values of a civil society of truth, non-violence, tolerance, and inclusive dialogue.  

    As we remember the work of Martin Luther King Jr., two days before the inauguration, I think it important to regard the significance of America’s highest values.  The health of this nation is strengthened by our mutual respect and commitment to the principles of justice, freedom, and equality.


    Dr. Patrick Brimstein
    Superintendent of Schools