Superintendent's Message

  • July 2019

    Dr. Byrne Photo  

    Dear Members of the Blind Brook School Community,

    Summer is here and with the start of the summer season comes the beginning of another school year. This year will bring many changes to our District, including a large construction project and a new schedule for our Middle School and High School. There are also new learning standards from the New York State Education Department, an increased emphasis on student-centered learning, and a focus on social-emotional learning. Students will be starting new grades, meeting new teachers and, in some instances, entering new school buildings.

    Change can be trying, but also brings new opportunities. It brings a chance to meet new people and to take part in new adventures. The changes that are scheduled for our District are designed to enhance our students’ education and to provide them with deeper and richer learning experiences. At the start of any change, there can be some anxiety and confusion. Moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar is always disconcerting, but after a short while, the new becomes the norm. The brief period of uncertainty leads to an improved experience for all.

    This year also brings a big change for me. I will be moving from the role of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment into that of Interim Superintendent. I welcome this change with much hope and anticipation for a number of reasons. As I am starting my seventeenth year of working in the Blind Brook School District, I am certainly familiar with what an outstanding District that Blind Brook is. I have worked closely with the administrators, teachers and support staff over the years and can attest to their high quality and dedication to our students. I am fortunate to have worked so closely with Jonathan Ross over the last few years and to continue to have his support during the coming year. I will work hard to support the initiatives that have been started in the past few years and to continue to move Blind Brook to even greater heights!      

    I am grateful to the Board of Education and to the community for the opportunity to lead the District in the coming year. I wish you all a relaxing and re-energizing summer and look forward to an amazing 2019-2020 school year!


    Colin Byrne, D.P.S.
    Interim Superintendent of Schools