Academic Integrity

  • K-12 Honor Code

    “A key mission of the Blind Brook School District is to instill integrity and teach students to be ethical and responsible members of society. Integrity and honest achievement foster self-respect, trust, pride in one’s accomplishments and actions, and positive relationships. While we aspire to the highest standards of academic excellence, any success without integrity reflects negatively on individuals, our schools and our community, and will not be tolerated. We believe that the responsibility for achieving and maintaining an environment of academic integrity is shared among students, parents, teachers and administrators. We pledge to uphold the five core values of academic integrity: Honesty, Respect, Trust, Responsibility and Fairness. ”

    Honor Pledge
    Below please find the honor pledge that should either be printed and signed or handwritten and signed on all tests, quizzes, essays and other major homework assignments and projects counted as a portion of a student’s grade.
        High School Honor Pledge
          "I did not give or receive unauthorized assistance on this work; in addition I pledge on my honor that all work shown is my own." 

        Middle School Honor Pledge 
           "I completed this assignment in accordance with the Blind Brook Honor Code" 

        Elementary School Honor Pledge 
           "I pledge to do my work myself and to do my very best."

    Academic Integrity Report