Mission and Goals
    Inclusion, collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of the Pupil Services Office and the services that we provide. Whether educational or health services, our belief that inclusion is a philosophy of education guides our decision-making process. Successful delivery of services to students relies on collaboration with all school administrators, teachers, support staff and parents, and ensuring this collaboration remains a focus of our department.

    A small student community and a talented staff enable our programs to be as diversified as our students’ needs. We set high standards for each student, and we carefully select instructional and related services from a continuum of options to achieve progress.  Commitment to professional development allows for continuing program development and ongoing reflection of program effectiveness. 
    Commitment to a strong partnership with stakeholders is what makes Blind Brook a special place, and we look forward to another year of working with you.  Our door is always open, and we encourage a quick phone call or email to let us know how your child is doing.  

    Harry Burg
    Director of Pupil Services
    Phone: 914-937-3600 x1007