News From Our Nurse

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    Please contact Mrs. Kalish at or
    914-937-3600 x3050 for these and other health-related matters.

    Hildie Kalish is the Ridge Street School nurse.  Mrs. Kalish is the main point of contact for:

    • Parents to inform the school of children's absences

    • Assessing and caring for infirm children during the school day 

    • Contacting parents to report children's illnesses and injuries

    • Maintaining and dispensing children's medications

    • Managing health maintenance activities, such as lice checks

    • Ensuring that food brought into the classroom (i.e., for students' birthday parties) is nut-free 
    We are fortunate to have part-time nurses during the day to assist Mrs. Kalish in the Health Office.  We are lucky to have Mrs. Prendergast and Mrs. Sanabria join us throughout the year!