• Elementary Art Program 
    "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up". ~Pablo Picasso
    Children love art; it’s a wonderful way for them to express themselves in a creative, nonverbal form.  The creative possibilities are endless and go as far as their imagination can take them.  Along this journey they explore who they are and the world around them.  Most of all it’s fun! 
    Art Education at the BMP Ridge Street School is taught by Mrs. Murphy. During art class the students look at and talk about major works/styles of art, as well as create their own masterpieces using the elements of art. They study various artists, art styles and cultures from around the world. Student art is displayed all year throughout the school. 
    The weekly projects define and use various skills in art:
    • Collaboration with classroom themes and curriculum
    • Collaboration with STEAM curriculum
    • Art media techniques practiced and reinforced
    • Art vocabulary
    • Art history
    • Creative thinking and doing