• The District has invested in a point-of-sale system called NutriKids. The purpose of this system is to simply the purchasing of food for our students while giving parents a safe and easy way to provide funds for their children's lunches. The system allows for parents to deposit money on a child's account which the child can then access at one of the District's cafeterias.
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    Guide book for using the new My School Bucks parent portal 
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does my child have to use the NutriKids system to purchase items at the cafeteria?
    A: No, participation in the NutriKids program is not mandatory. The program is being provided as a service to parents who wish to use it. It is still possible for children to buy food in the cafeteria using cash.
    Q: How can I put money on my child’s account?
    A: The first step is to go to the My School Bucks parent portal ( and set up an account. You will need you children’s student ID numbers in order to do this. Contact Colin Byrne or Ana Tornini for this information. Once your account is set up, you can then add money into individual children’s accounts. There will be a charge of $1.95 on every credit card deposit that is made to the system. Alternatively, deposits can be made in person at the cafeterias.
    Q: How does my child buy food through the NutriKids system?
    A: The way that students can access the money on their accounts varies depending upon which grade the student is in. Students who are in grades 6 through 12 have received an ID card with a bar code on it. These can be scanned in the cafeteria. Students in grades 2 through 5 have a PIN number which has been distributed to them through their teachers. They can enter this PIN number on a key pad in the cafeteria. Kindergarten and first grade students have bar coded cards that their teachers hold on to for safety purposes. These cards are given to the students at the start of lunch and then are collected at the end of lunch.
    Q: Who should I contact if I have any problems or questions?
    A: Technical problems, such as setting up an online account, should be directed to Colin Byrne. All other issues should be addressed to Patricia Dilluvio, the manager of food services for Blind Brook, or to Mikaela Coni in the Business Office x3030.