• American Civil War
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    Resources      Research       Article Structure        Works Cited Packet 
    Your class will form different groups representing the staffs of two newspapers from different parts of the country. One newspaper will represent the Southern point of view and the other will represent the Northern point of view.

    Your newspaper staff must research, write and edit one article each about the people involved in the Civil War and their responsibilities. Each newspaper staff member will have one assigned role to research and write about. (list is given below)

    You will be using library resources, and the Internet to find the information that will help you write your articles. The articles will be based on the following;

    As the reporter, you must find out about the background information for your assigned role.*

    My assigned role is ______________________________


    My assigned point of view is _______________________

    Battle of Gettysburg
    Questions you must answer in your article are:
    1. What were some of the “jobs” of your assigned role in the Civil War?
    2. Where was your assigned role used during the Civil War?
    3. Why was your assigned role used during the Civil War and how was it important ?
    After you have been given your assignment (see list below) each student will work independently to create the required one page article. Research will be done in the Library Media Center and at home to complete this article.

    Students will have four days in the Library Media Center to research their assignment.

    The one page typed article (with one picture) is due May ____________.

    1. Be sure that your information is accurate - newspaper reporters always check their facts through multiple sources. Students are required to use at least one print resource and one approved website. Using more than two sources is expected.
    2. Use a picture or an illustration to make your story clear and interesting to the reader. Be sure to cite it in your works cited.
    3. Notes cards and source cards are required for this assignment. The proper format for works cited must also be followed.
    What to turn in:
    1. all source cards
    2. all note cards
    3. works-cited
    4. one copy of each of the 3 rubrics with your name on each
    5. two copies of the typed one page article
    *Assigned roles:
    • Infantry
    • Cavalry
    • Artillery
    • Generals
    • Women
    • Children
    • Quartermaster/Supply
    • Doctors/Medicine
    • African Americans
    • Spies
    • Navy
    • Sharpshooters
    • Prisoners of War
    • Signal Corps