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Student Cell Phone Use - Click to read about our procedures and protocols.





The impact of social media on our society is growing exponentially each day. We understand that many students have cell phones, smart phones, smart watches, etc.  We do not feel that there is a need for a child to use a cell phone in the elementary school.  We do not allow students to make calls from their own phones as we have a dedicated student phone in the Main Office for students to use.  Plans cannot be coordinated through the students’ phones as we ask that you send in a note with changes in dismissal or contact the school under emergency circumstances.  We are noticing that they are taking them out in the morning (in the bus room), in the hallways (as they wait to go into their classrooms in the morning), at dismissal (in the hallways and in the bus rooms), and most recently have even sneaked them out of their backpacks during the day to communicate outside of school.


In accordance with Blind Brook Board Policy 7310 - Code of Conduct on School Property - there is a clear Level 1 Infraction stated about not permitting cell phones to be used by students in school:


  • Unauthorized use of electronic devices, including phone, tablet, headphones.
  • Please know that there are exceptions to this policy, but ALL exceptions need to have approval from a BMPRSS administrator, faculty, or staff member.


On Page 39 of the District Code of Conduct under "3. Bus Rules" it states:


  • 9 - Phone calls and texting are not allowed on school buses unless in an emergency where immediate communication is necessary and with permission of the bus driver.
  • 10 - Video/audio recordings and pictures are not allowed to be taken by students riding District buses


If a child is seen with an electronic device, a BMPRSS administrator, faculty, or staff member will engage in a conversation with the child to determine whether or not the child has approval to use the device.  If there is no approval, the child will be given a warning to put it away in his/her backpack, out of sight, and turned off. If the child continues to take the device out and use it, the device will be confiscated, brought to the Main Office and given back to the child at the end of the day.  If we need to confiscate the phone at the end of the school day, we will make a decision based on the reported use to determine whether the phone is returned to the student when he/she is dismissed, given to the parent later that afternoon, or returned to the child the next day.  We will notify parents if such an incident requires the phone to be picked up or returned to your child the next day.


Please remind your child if he/she brings a cell phone to school, it needs to be out of sight in his/her backpack and turned off.  We appreciate your help.