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Rules and regulations regarding student use of automobiles on school grounds will be available as part of the permit application and must be followed. Failure to register a vehicle or failure to follow established rules and regulations will result in:

  • First offense – loss of privilege for one week;
  • Second offense – loss of privilege for two weeks;
  • Third offense – suspension for insubordination and loss of privilege for the remainder of the
  • school year.

Any car not parked in the proper area will be stickered and the parking privilege will be revoked. No student may sit in a parked vehicle or “hang out” in the parking lot at any time during the school day. The use of cars on school grounds is a privilege that may be revoked by the administration if students fail to comply with all rules. Parking in designated fire lanes may result in the automobile being towed at the owner’s expense. The school is not responsible for damage or vandalism to cars in the parking lot.