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Board Of Education Hosts A Celebration Of Teaching

At the June 11th Board of Education Meeting, the Blind Brook Board of Education honored District employees who are retiring after many years of service as well as those who are being awarded tenure in recognition for the work that they will be doing. Additionally, Daniel Savitt was honored for his service to the Blind Brook Board of Education. Mr. Savitt will be leaving the Board this year after serving for six years and helping to implement meaningful changes in the District.

The individuals were honored at the celebration are:

Tenure Recipients

  • Douglas J (DJ) Goldman - Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
  • Carl Barnes - Special Education Teacher
  • Jennifer Krill - Elementary Education Teacher
  • Jessica Seeger - Mathematics Teacher


  • William Santoro - School Monitor - 5 Years
  • Margarete Goett - English Language Arts Teacher - 9 Years
  • Eva Sarli - Elementary Education Teacher - 23 Years
  • Brenda Johnson - Elementary Education Teacher - 24 Years
  • Linda Greco - Elementary Education Teacher - 30 Years

Photos from the event are below.


 Blind Brook Tenure Recipients DJ Goldman, Carl Barnes, Jennifer Krill and Jessica Seeger pose for a photo

Tenure recipients DJ Goldman, Carl Barnes, Jennifer Krill and Jessica Seeger

 Blind Brook retirees Eva Sarli and Linda Greco pose for a photo Retirees Eva Sarli and Linda Greco 

 Retiring Board of Education Member Daniel Savitt

Board of Education Member Daniel Savitt

 DJ Goldman speaks at the podium


 Carl Barnes speaks at the podium  Jessica Seeger speaks at the podium while holding her daughter
 Jennifer Krill speaks at the podium  Eva Sarli speaks at the podium
 Linda Greco speaks at the podium  Daniel Savitt speaks during the Celebration of Teaching
Tracy Taylor, Bruno M. Ponterio and Lori Cutrone pose after the Celebration ceremony