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RSS Student Wins Scholastic Storywork's Apollo 13 Contest

Congratulations to Isabella Annunziatta who was the winner of the Scholastic Storywork's Jr. Apollo 13 Contest from their May/June 2018 Edition. In their words: "Your wonderful book grabbed us right away.  We were impressed by your excellent summary. Congratulations on being such a strong writer."  She received a copy of Lost in Outer Space by Todd Olson from Scholastic.

Isabella has shown us that BLUEBIRDS FLY HIGH! Congratulations Isabella!

Assignment - 

Pretend it’s 1970. Write a news article explaining what went wrong with Apollo 13 and how the astronauts got back safely, using details from the story.

Entries will be judged on: 

• Use of details from the story 

• Grammar, spelling, and punctuation

• Good organization and transitions 

• Creativity