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CreatiCon 2019 Highlights Creative Learning

On Saturday, March 23rd, the Blind Brook Middle School became a showcase for the creative learning that goes on in the Blind Brook school district. The Middle School hosted CreatiCon 2019, a STEAM-based learning event that ran from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Classrooms were converted to showrooms for student work from Kindergarten, 4th grade and 5th grade art, 4th grade science, 5th grade STEAM, Middle School technology, Middle School digital media and High School art classes. Visitors were able to take part in robotics demonstrations that were held by the High School Robotics team. Jenifer Vazquez, the District's Technology Staff Developer, led visitors through some virtual field trips using Google Expeditions. Monique Tricarico, our Student Assistance Services Counselor, provided some stress reducing activities in the wake of the Wellness Week that occurred in schools. The Westchester Amateur AStronomers were on hand to talk about upcoming celestial events as well as show off some of their solar telescopes. Additionally, some of the District's Destination Imagination teams displayed their props for this year's competition with one team performing their skit to a grateful audience. Photos from the day can be seen below.

Steve Giglio explains how cutting tools work in the Middle School Technology classroom Andre Soto talks about the projects happening in the Middle School digital media classes  Props from a Destination Imagination team The High School Robotics Team works on their robot Visitors discuss astronomical events with members of the Westchester Amateur Astromomists Monique Tricarico helps children create stress balls The High School Robotics team discusses the robotics competition from this year with visitors Visitors take a virtual trip using Google Expeditions equipment A Destination Imagination team performs their skit for an audience at CreatiCon Members of the Westchester Amateur Astronomists allow visitors to look through their solar telescopes