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Important: Ridge Street Construction Update

Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community:


A great deal of work has done on the construction project at the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School. Everyone has worked hard to get the building ready to receive students on the planned opening date of September 5th.  However, there is still much work to do in terms of preparing classrooms for their occupancy by students and teachers.

Based on the latest information that I received this week, it is evident that we will not be able to start school at the B.M.P. Ridge Street School on September 5th. Therefore,  the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School will open for school on Monday, September 9th.  

As a point of clarification, the Blind Brook Middle School and High School will open on Thursday, September 5th as planned.  

I know that this may present a hardship for some parents as child care will need to be obtained. I am sorry for any problems that this may cause. My main concern is that the students and teachers have rooms that are clean and prepared for learning. 



 Dr. Colin Byrne

Interim Superintendent of Schools