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Blind Brook Bus Transportation **important changes**

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

There have been significant changes in the transportation department due in large part to  recent retirements.  Please check the parent portal as the routes have had significant changes and your student may be on a different route or have a new driver (see below).  
During the first two weeks of school, pick up and drop off times fluctuate while everyone adjusts to having buses back on the road during heavy commute times.  Please realize that the bus schedule runs slow during this time and as procedures become familiar, the bus will run more precisely.  Please make sure your children are at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled pickup time in the morning and if your child needs to be met by an adult (grades 1 - 5) when exiting the school bus in the afternoon please make sure that the assigned person is at the correct bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the expected time of bus arrival.  
Students are strongly encouraged to use seat belts whenever riding the bus and we ask that you reinforce the need for using seat belts.  
Kindergartners will have a one hour delayed start on the first day of school, Monday, September 9th.  All bus eligible Kindergartners will take the bus one hour later than their posted bus pick up time.  Please note with only Kindergartners on the route this bus will run ahead of schedule and students should be prepared at least 10 minutes before their scheduled pick up. Parents/Caregivers are not allowed to ride the bus with their student. Bus eligible Kindergartners will take the bus home with students in grades 1-5, at regular dismissal time, there is NO early dismissal for Kindergartners.
Sports Shuttle - starts 9/5
Bus #04 - Daily @ 3:05 departure  
MS/HS Late Bus - starts when clubs begin in late September/early October
Tues/Wed/Thur ONLY @ 3:50 pm departure
Bus #11 - Belle Fair
Bus #08 - Everywhere else (note the late bus # has changed)
Juan Zhindon will be assuming the responsibilities of the In-District transportation program.  If you have any questions he can be reached at or on his district cell phone at 914 490-1413.
Routing/Driver Changes
Bus #01 - Walter Johnson (new driver/route changes)
Bus #04 - Abel Cruz (new driver)
Bus #05 - Joe Hladki
Bus #06 - Steve Mecca (route changes)
Bus #07 - Sal Ciciriello
Bus #08 - Wagner Hidalgo (driver assignment/route changes)
Bus #09 - Cesar Gonzalez (driver assignment)
Bus #10 - Anthony LaVecchia (driver assignment)
Bus #11 - Andy Bruno (route changes)
Spare - Pio Barriga (new driver)
Spare - Louis Greco 
Spare - Juan Zhindon