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Construction Update: October 2019

Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community:

As we are now in October, I wanted to share some updates with you regarding our construction projects. We are pleased with the progress that is being made on both campuses and are excited to see the proposed buildings start to take shape.

At the Blind Brook Middle School/High School, progress continues on the construction of the new Fab Lab. The foundation for the new structure is complete. Work has begun on the walls for the building and connecting hallways (see the picture below). There is a delay of about two to three weeks as we wait for the construction steel to come. The wiring for the new fire alarm system is close to completion. 


Construction Update #1

At the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School, the demolition of the Butler Building wing is almost complete (see the picture below). During excavation of the foundation transite pipes were found. Removal of these pipes began over the Rosh Hashanah weekend and will be completed during after-school hours this week. Once this is completed, the remaining foundation walls will be removed and excavation will begin for the footings for the new building. The digging for the footings should not be excessively noisy. Any work that will generate noise will be done in the hours permitted by Rye Brook noise ordinances.


Construction Update #2

The remodeling of the main entrance bathroom and STEAM bar classrooms was temporarily put on hold due to asbestos-bearing pipe insulation being found. This asbestos was fully abated during the Rosh Hashanah weekend and work is now progressing again.

The new arrival and dismissal processes are being continually monitored. Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Cutrone are constantly looking for ways to improve the process. However, we need everyone’s cooperation in order to have a safe environment for our students. It is important that students who are eligible for the bus take the bus and students who are eligible for NBS use this service. This will reduce the number of cars on campus which will make dismissal much more manageable. It is also important that parents do not park in the small gravel lots during dismissal. Cars moving in and out of these lots during dismissal are disruptive to the busing and NBS dismissal processes. You may also get trapped in one of the lots as buses must wait for students to load before moving. Mrs. Taylor will be sending out updates to the dismissal process as they develop.

I want to assure everyone that all asbestos has been removed and that there are no health dangers to students or staff. If there are any questions about construction, please contact me or Dr. Ross.

Thank you as always for your help during our construction project!

Dr. Colin Byrne
Interim Superintendent of Schools