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Construction Update: November 2019

Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community:

It is now the start of November and our construction projects are still progressing!

The walls of the Fab Lab and the adjoining corridors continue to take shape at the Blind Brook Middle School/High School. Brick work continues with the start of installation of the steel infrastructure this month. A photo of the site can be seen below. The upgrade to the fire alarm system at this building is progressing steadily with 80% of the work completed.

The demolition of the Butler Building wing at the Bruno M. Ponterio School is now complete. As can be seen in the photo below, the footings for the new structure are being dug. Forms will be inserted into these holes and concrete poured in. Once the concrete sets construction of the new wing will begin.

The excavation of the main entrance bathroom and STEAM bar (STEAM, art and music) classrooms is complete. The wall framing and tiling for the bathroom is complete. We are waiting for the fixtures for the bathroom to come in.


Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Cutrone added an additional lane for NBS during dismissal. This change has greatly reduced the traffic backup that was occurring during dismissal time. The arrival and dismissal processes are continually being monitored with adjustments made as needed.

If there are any questions about any aspect of the construction projects, please contact me or Dr. Ross.

I am excited to see our progress and look forward to sending more updates in the future. Thank you as always for your help during our construction project!


Dr. Colin Byrne
Interim Superintendent of Schools