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Construction Update: February 2020

Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community:

We are now one month into 2020 and our construction projects continue forward!

The electrical work has begun in the Middle School/High School Fab Lab. Conduits for lighting and other electrical cabling have been installed. Plumbing work has also begun starting with the fixtures in the new bathrooms.

pic 1

Tension rods have been installed to support the roof of the structure. There is a little more roof work that needs to be done and then the exterior portion of this project will be done.

pic 2

At the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School, work on the elevator shaft by the District Office has progressed with concrete footings being poured and preparations made to lay the foundation for the shaft.

pic 3

The framing of the new wing was started. Surveyors staked out the footings for the new structure.

pic 4

There was also extensive work done on updating the drainage pipes to accommodate the needs of the new construction.

pic 5

The footing forms for the new main office area were prepared for the pouring of concrete.

pic 6

As the weather continues to cooperate, we look forward to continuing the progress of this exterior work. Dr. Ross and I have met will all contractors and consultants to impress upon them the importance of keeping the forward momentum going on all of our construction projects. I look forward to updating you in March on the progress that we have achieved.

Dr. Colin Byrne
Interim Superintendent of Schools