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Blind Brook Update From The Superintendent re: Thanksgiving Hybrid Instruction

Dear Blind Brook School Community:

As promised during building-level and district forums the past two weeks, this correspondence provides direction for our school community following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our schools will remain open in the hybrid instructional model immediately following Thanksgiving recess. 

While this is the intended plan, if the broader community COVID-positivity level continues to increase, the adverse effect of illness and quarantines may require schools to close.  Should this occur, then notice to the community may be sudden.

This decision was very difficult to make.  It required balancing the interests of students, parents, faculty, and staff members to promote the continued safety of all members of our school community.  It also demanded consideration of the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the children and young adults in our schools.

There is near universal agreement that in-person learning provides the most beneficial learning experience for our students.  Interacting with the students who express comfort and enthusiasm being in school brings us joy.  Because of physical space limitations, we blended the benefits of in-person instruction with remote learning in our hybrid delivery plan.

The proposed benefit of the alternate plan under consideration - moving to a 10-day fully-remote model after Thanksgiving - was to limit a potentially-larger community outbreak of the virus after out-of-state travel, holiday gatherings, and college students returning home. Following a temporary shift to remote, the intent was for schools to be able to resume a hybrid model for an extended period.  We have, however, managed to keep our schools safely open and will make every effort to continue to do so.

While many parents will receive this correspondence with great satisfaction, others may have concerns.  Any parent who wishes to hold their children out of the physical school building for a period after Thanksgiving to pursue fully-remote learning temporarily will need to contact the school building(s) where their children attend.  Each building has its own process, which can be found at: 

Like all things during the pandemic, we know that the Thanksgiving holiday this year will be altered.  I sincerely hope that your Thanksgiving is safe, happy, and filled with love for the people closest to you during these challenging times.


Dr. Patrick Brimstein
Superintendent of Schools