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Weather Related Scheduling Options

In anticipation of snow later in the week, the following are four possible weather-related responses the school district may need to take at different times this winter:

Scenario 1: Two-Hour Delayed Start
In this scenario, we will likely be at the end of a minor to moderate weather event that requires a two-hour delay for morning traffic to clear, roads to be plowed, or a weather system to pass through.  A delayed start allows for travel conditions to improve so that students and staff can arrive at school safely. 

Scenario 2: Early Dismissal
In the event that a weather event starts or intensifies during the day when students are in school, and it is determined that travel conditions are deteriorating, then we will end classes early so students and staff can get home safely.  We recognize the logistical difficulties that an unplanned, early dismissal causes for parents so will seek to constrain the use of this option.

Scenario 3: Remote Learning
This is the newest response made available to schools during the pandemic.  This option will most likely be implemented in conditions like those of a delayed start when travel conditions are compromised.  Advantages of this option include early notification so that parents and staff can plan ahead, maximum learning time without delays, and complete mitigation of transportation risks for students and staff as learning will occur in the safety of their homes.

Scenario 4: Snow Day
The good ole fashion 'snow day'... These may occur when the conditions outside are menacing and travel is restricted due to impassable roads, widespread power outages, or other severe factors that substantially disrupt our normal patterns. Perhaps these are the times when we put aside the expectations that demand our attention and simply refocus our awareness on the simple pleasure of a mug of hot cocoa, the comfort of baking cookies with family, and sharing the wonder of a child marveling at the beauty of a landscape glistening with new fallen snow.