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Letter to the Community - RIPL Plans

On Wednesday night, our elementary school plan to safely return students to in-person learning this school year was presented to the community.  All elements associated with the plan were shared and questions from participants were answered.  That presentation was recorded and can be viewed HERE.

The Blind Brook School community is fortunate to have many generous and motivated people willing to help us fulfill a shared commitment to safely return students to in-person learning, five days a week.  On behalf of the Board of Education, I thank the all-encompassing group of parents, teachers, staff members, medical professionals, and administrators who worked together to design each building plan.

The following link to the school building plans provides an overview of the structure and timeline of our measured and responsible phase-in approach:


Return to In-Person Learning Plans

All three customized building plans consider the physical configuration of each building, the needs of the students at different ages, and other logistics.  Each plan prioritizes safety and allows for a pause at any time should COVID-19 exposures place students and staff at increased risk. 

We are able to implement these plans because we have collectively learned how to safely run schools throughout the pandemic.  A return to in-person learning is further supported by the Westchester County Executive and his team who coordinated access to the vaccine for adults working in our schools.

Additional information relating to each plan will be shared directly with the community of all three buildings.  Answers to specific questions about each building plan can be found in information sent from the Principals.  You may also contact the leadership of each building should you have personal concerns or other information to share. 

Living through the pandemic has been difficult for our entire community – the students, parents, teachers, staff members, etc.  By working together in the best interests of the students, we have been able to keep our schools safe.  I sincerely thank you for your commitment and sacrifice throughout this very challenging school year.

The new normal will be informed by our collective past.  I have reason to believe that our schools and the community will be made stronger, wiser, and more compassionate because of our shared experience.  Please know how enthusiastic we all are to welcome the students fully back to school in the weeks ahead!  I am sure that they are as enthusiastic to return full-time as we are to see them on campus.


Dr. Patrick Brimstein

Superintendent of Schools