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Ridge Street School Update

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy approved, in-person instruction to resume Oct. 5
We are pleased to announce that all of our B.M.P. Ridge Street School students will be able to return to their school for in-person instruction on Tuesday, Oct. 5. We are thankful to the New York State Education Department, which expedited approval of the district’s application for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. That application followed a successful inspection of the school that took place on Thursday.

The district has maintained a laser-like focus on a successful return to in-person instruction as quickly as possible. We acknowledge the past few weeks have been challenging for our students and their families, and we thank the community for its support as we have pursued a thorough review and adherence to all NYSED requirements. The health and safety of our students is our utmost priority as we work to bring this process to fruition.

Please stay tuned for more information on Tuesday's return.