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BBMS Technology class sails, glides and soars with latest project

Technology & STEAM teacher Steven A. Giglio’s students at Blind Brook Middle School have been building their own biplanes, gliders and sailboats as part of their Technology class’s 8th Grade project.

Each receives a lab report containing background andtechnical information and templates for the parts. This is the base design, says Mr. Giglio, but students are encouraged to modify the base template in order to explore the effects of changing the size or shape of various parts.

Each student constructs their own project, tests and fine-tunes it and then collects data. They measure and calculate speed, surface area, mass, etc., and write up a lab report that may contain various important vocabulary, concepts, calculations and conclusions.

A variety of academic purposes are served throughout the project, from creativity to applied science concepts, such as Bernoulli's principle as it is applied to "LIFT,” thrust, drag, pitch, yaw, roll, three-dimensional balance, forces redirected, Newton's laws such as action reaction, inertia, etc.

Other concepts include electromagnetic principles of how a small motor functions, calculating rotational and linear speed.

Lastly, the project teaches essential problem-solving skills, Mr. Giglio says. “The project is designed so that the student has to alter it in order for it to function properly,” he said.