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COVID Protocols and Information

Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community,


Despite all of our hopes, COVID is still with us. However, its impact on our lives is changing and, with it, the rules on how we handle COVID in our schools.


The District has recently received updated guidance from New York State Departments of Health and Education on school requirements for handling COVID. You can CLICK HERE to access an FAQ for parents and guardians from the State. In general, the State is recommending that schools follow the CDC’s recommendations. Below I will briefly outline each area of concern regarding COVID.



The normal protocols for students who are ill for any reason are still in place. This means that students who are ill should not come into the school buildings. Anyone who has a fever is not permitted to go back to school until twenty-four hours, until after the fever breaks. You can CLICK HERE to view our normal protocols. 


We recommend that anyone who has symptoms that could be related to COVID take a COVID test. 



There are no current requirements for staff or students to wear masks while in school. However, students and staff members may choose to wear a mask at any time. Everyone should respect an individual’s choice to wear a mask. Governor Hochul has said that she does reserve the right to reinstate mask wearing if situations warrant it. The one exception is individuals who have tested positive for COVID who must wear a mask for five days following their isolation (see the ISOLATION section)


Additionally, anyone entering the nurse’s office must wear a mask. Masks will be available in each classroom as well as at the nurse’s offices.



Continuing from last year there is no requirement for someone who is exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID to quarantine. The CDC recommends that anyone who is exposed to COVID wear a mask for ten days starting from the day after their exposure. They also recommend that this individual test for COVID on day five or sooner if symptoms develop.


Testing Positive

Anyone who tests positive for COVID must isolate for five days starting the day after either their first symptom or the day after they tested positive, whichever comes first. On Day 6, students, teachers or staff members can return to school and work, as long as they have not had a fever within 24 hours and are asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving. For days 6 - 10, students, teachers and staff members continue to be required to wear a mask in school, including on the school bus.


There is no requirement for an individual who has tested positive for COVID to be retested before returning on day 6 or later. However, if an individual does get tested and the result of that test is positive, the isolation period for that individual will restart as of the date of testing and they will have to isolate for five days from that date.


COVID Testing

This year we will not be offering weekly PCR testing through Mirimus. However, the District still has a large number of rapid tests available. Parents or employees who would like a rapid test can request one from our school nurses. 



We encourage all of our students to get all vaccinations including flu and COVID boosters. Vaccinations help diminish the spread of illnesses including COVID. Parents and guardians should check with their child’s pediatrician to find whether boosters are available.


Reporting COVID Cases

The COVID notification email addresses that were established last year are still in place. If you need to report a positive COVID test result for a student or staff member, please send an email to one of the following email addresses:

For the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School -
For the Blind Brook Middle School -
For the Blind Brook High School - 



These requirements may change if Westchester County is designated as a high risk zone or if there is a local outbreak of COVID in the school or community. If there are any changes to COVID requirements we will let you know immediately. Any questions can be sent to me or to our school nurses. Let’s all hope for a healthy year!



Dr. Colin M. Byrne

Superintendent of Schools