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There’s a lot of buzz at BBMS as ‘Bee’ winners advance

Several Blind Brook Middle School students are fresh off victories from several “Bees,” including those for the National History Bee, the National Geography Bee and the National Science Bee. Group of students


Sixth grader Hayden G. was named sixth in the Regional Championship at the Connecticut Winter National Science Bee, advancing to the nationals in June and the international competition in the summer.


He is joined by classmates Aiden L. and James V. James came in second place in the regional National History Bee and was a finalist in the regional National Geography Bee. Aiden was a finalist in the regional National History Bee and the National Science Bee. Both qualify to compete at nationals and internationals in the summer.


Seventh graders Kayla G. and Ryan C. both qualified as finalists in the regional National History Bee, and will advance to the national competition in June.


Students in the national bees compete regionally throughout the winter months. The BBMS participants competed in a mix of ways, including online, and in person at events in New York and New Jersey.


There are a lot of facts and dates to remember, however, Hayden said it helps that there are study guides available, some of which can be found online.

“Then it’s just a matter of studying,” he said. “If you learn the facts, you should be able to do pretty well in the Bee.”


Aiden said his strategy to doing well includes going back and reviewing past questions.


“It’s not like history is going to change,” he said.


Kayla had an opportunity to go to nationals last year. She said her history buff dad helped quiz her during car rides.


To participate in the many bees, the students said they had to fill out an application and take a qualifier test.


“It’s like a test you would get in school,” Hayden said.


Like her fellow Bee participants, Kayla is no stranger to going to nationals. She went last year to Orlando.


As the students progressed, some of the Bee activities were done online in a Google Meet. They could see their fellow competitors and had to learn how to buzz in faster than their opponents.


For Aiden, he said, the buzzing in could be tricky and he would sometimes buzz in and say the answer simultaneously. He admitted he needed to be more patient.


Questions could pertain to anything in the particular subject area. Hayden said he remembered a question about a sunspot, while Kayla said there was one about lobotomies and Aiden said he recalled one about the Falkland Islands.


“I was hoping for more questions relating to Asia,” James said, adding that is a particular area of interest for him.


“It’s a lot of work,” Ryan said of preparing for the Bees. “It was really competitive this year.”


Their interest in participating in Bees began in elementary school and has continued.


“I enjoy learning about stuff,” James said.