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Budget Letter from the Board of Education

Dear Members of the Blind Brook Community:

Yesterday the Blind Brook School District held elections for two board seats and four propositions including our annual school budget.  While the proposed school budget received 55% of the vote, it did not pass by the necessary 60% supermajority needed. 

What happens next?

The Board of Education intends to propose a modified budget to be voted on by the community.  In advance of that vote, the BOE will hold public meetings to discuss the budget and listen to concerns of community members.  The times of these meetings will be determined shortly.  We encourage all interested community members to attend these meetings.

When is the next vote?

The next vote will be on Tuesday, June 20.  The only item on the ballot will be the proposed budget.

What happens if the June 20 budget doesn’t pass?

If the June 20 budget doesn’t pass, the district will implement an austerity budget, with a 0% tax levy increase from last year.  Under an austerity budget it would be necessary to consider reducing or eliminating certain expenses in order to ensure sufficient funding for costs which are necessary to operate the District. 

What does an austerity budget look like?

In order to meet the needs of the District under an austerity budget, certain expenditures must be reduced or eliminated including those associated with:

  • Interscholastic athletic teams 

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Funding of a yearbook advisor

  • After school clubs

  • Optional instructional supplies for students

  • Providing informational articles to the community

  • Replacement of school buses

  • Non-instructional staff members 

The Board must also consider whether it would be necessary to reduce its teaching staff, counseling services and mental health support for students and eliminate technology upgrades, security enhancements and field trips. 

How can my voice be heard in this process?

Please attend one of our meetings. We would like to get community member feedback on the budget.

The Blind Brook Board of Education

Colin M. Byrne, Superintendent of Schools